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Your JijZept Journey

Embark on your JijZept journey by following these steps:

  1. Learn JijModeling: Begin by learning JijModeling, the modeling tool used with JijZept. This tool allows you to describe mathematical models and is available for free.

  2. Try JijModelingTranspiler: Use the free JijModelingTranspiler to convert your JijModeling models to a format compatible with local, free solvers. This allows you to test your models without committing to a paid product.

  3. Analyze with MINTO: A management and insight tool for optimization.

  4. Upgrade to JijZept: If you decide to enter into a paid contract for JijZept, you'll be able to test various solvers through its interface and gain access to a wide range of Ising machines.

  5. Explore Advanced Algorithms with JijZeptLab: By using JijZeptLab, you can try more advanced algorithms and tackle real-world optimization problems.

To learn the basics and get an introduction to each tool, please check out our Quick Start Guide.