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JijZept Credit

This chapter explains JijZept's credit calculation.

Credit Calculation Formula

JijZept uses the following information for credit calculations.

credit_per_jobCredit per job, determined per Solver
credit_per_secCredit per machine resource per second, determined per Solver.
extra_credit_per_secCredit per second of annealing or quantum device execution time, determined per Solver.
durationTime in which machine resources are dedicated [in seconds]. If the max_wait_time parameter is set, the upper limit of duration is max_wait_time.
extra_durationTime used to run an annealing algorithm, such as simulated annealing or quantum device [unit: seconds]

The credit is calculated using the following formula based on the above information.

credit = credit_per_job + credit_per_sec * duration + extra_credit_per_sec * extra_duration

How to check credit information

credit_per_job, credit_per_sec, extra_credit_per_sec

If you can look the "Unit Price" section in "Product" page, you can obtain information on credit_per_job, credit_per_sec, and extra_credit_per_sec of the solver.

duration, extra_duration

You can view the credit consumption history of each "product" user in the "Access History" section of JijZept's "Product" Page.
If you do not see the item you want to see, look for it in the Columns combo box in the upper right corner and click on the appropriate item.

You can also click on the data to view the details of each item.


Deposits when executing calculations

When you throw a calculation in JijZept, a credit is temporarily consumed and returned upon completion of the calculation, calculated by the following formula.

deposit_credit = credit_per_job + credit_per_sec * max_wait_time

where max_wait_time is the max_wait_time parameter specified when executing the calculation.

This specification prevents a situation where many calculations are executed simultaneously by members of the same "product", and more than the remaining credits are executed.

Temporarily consumed credits are not reflected in the JijZept portal site, so if you receive an error message that there are not enough credits, even though there are enough credits, please check the setting of the max_wait_time parameter.